Understanding Design Session 1

Primary Reading

  • Notes on Design* (NoD): the introduction section, from “How Creative Practice Works” to “How to use this book”
  • Scott Berkun’s How Design Makes the World (HDMW) – read it at your own pace, we can discuss whenever necessary

Supplementary Reading

Nice-to-Have References


HDMW is written with the general audience in mind, so it’s the best first entry for anyone. Lots of great stories and examples for comprehension. The author Scott Berkun also has a brilliant reading list, which I strongly encourage you to pick and choose (but only when you have the capacity or sheer will).

NoD is far more “specialized” in the way the author talks about design – wisdoms from an expert practitioner and theorist. So at times it reads a bit dry or it may be hard to resonate with. That’s where I come in to support that learning.


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Working on design, strategy, and organizational transformation. Design practitioner, author and interactive storytelling pilgrim. Was creative director, user experience manager, product manager, visual designer, editor, translator, software developer and more.

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