Design in One Minute

Try naming a few things that are not designed in your daily life.

(Don’t worry, take your time.)

Almost everything in our lives is designed.

See, you already know what design is.

It’s the intersection of art and science, right? Wrong!

Long before art and science, there was already design.

Some designs are visible.

Other designs are invisible.

Some designs are physical.

Other designs are digital.

There’s professional design.

There’s everyday design.

Design is how it works.

Design is utilitarian. If it isn’t, perhaps it isn’t design.

It’s built with a purpose and it serves with a goal.

While an artist doesn’t have to give a damn about how or whether people use his art, a designer cares deeply about how people make use of her design.

Everything has a design. There’s no way you can get by without design.

In fact, the only alternative to good design is not no design, but bad design.

Design is a verb.

Designing is a creative practice.

Designing for people means putting their interests over other ones.

The insight we get from people informs how a design could work.

To design is to analyze.

To design is also to synthesize.

To design is to learn.

To design is also to teach.

Being a designer is not just a career.

To many, it’s also a way of life.


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Working on design, strategy, and organizational transformation. Design practitioner, author and interactive storytelling pilgrim. Was creative director, user experience manager, product manager, visual designer, editor, translator, software developer and more.

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